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There is not a single occurrence of harassment that I will share since it is almost part of my everyday life that verbal or physical harassment takes place. Just taking a seat at a vacant spot at the airport, a friendly smile in the supermarket or a well retouched image on social media can already lead to misconduct.

Years ago, I often felt that I was probably doing something that caused men to behave inappropriately, today I try to be conscious of my actions in an attempt to avoid inappropriate situations. That is probably not the right way of dealing with it but it is my way to accept that is has almost become the norm. I do not feel a victim, let me be very clear. I find men who choose to disrespect women pathetic. I also think that a lot of men do not know that what they perceive as a “complement” (hey I’m saying that I find you pretty) or just a joke (come on you can take it right?) can be very insulting, degrading and debilitating.

When women do not feel safe, when they are not truly free we cannot expect them to succeed to their full potential. And if a man is letting this primate instincts take the lead in his thoughts and behaviour, that also decreases his potential to excel. To me that is a risk for our society. We can only advance as a civilisation if we truly start regarding each other as equal and respect each other.