EMM Consultancy provides specialist knowledge and skills for your marketing optimisation project. Our methodology is highly standardised however the modular setup of our services provide you with a custom approach every time. Check out our service modules:

Marketing Audit

light-art-7-1523596The Marketing Audit provides insight into the current marketing processes and the improvement potential. The results are gained by executing a full inquiry via workshops, desk research and interviews. It covers all marketing processes, people involved and systems used. A solution and roadmap is proposed towards marketing efficiency and effectiveness. It can cover marketing technology, (re-)definition of marketing strategy and objectives, streamlining and alignment of processes, consolidation of marketing activities and standardising marketing materials.


Marketing Organization Design

lamp-4-1171013Once the opportunities and potential of marketing are know, a new and streamlined marketing organisation can be designed. A (re)design of the marketing organisation can be done via various methods such as process designs, workflow definitions, marketing job descriptions, consolidation of suppliers, formulate Service Level Agreements for internal and external use (suppliers). The new blueprint can be implemented, step by step, via a detailed roadmap towards marketing excellence.


Marketing Vendor Selection

copper-and-gold-1328774A large part of marketing optimisation can be achieved by the use of marketing technology. To ensure that the technology is in line with the business needs a marketing vendor selection project will increase the success rate of a marketing technology project. The selection process includes  requirements definition, longlist, shortlist, Request For Information (RFI),  Request For Demo (RFD), conclusions and recommendations. Templates are available for the entire process and a up-to-date marketing technology vendorlist is readily available.


Business Analysis

golden-door-1557599Establishing a bond between Business and IT is very important for every marketing technology project. The business analyst is the unique link between Business and IT. By defining, acknowledging and translating business needs toward usable IT solutions the success of the project can be improved.Only when marketing technology is used, the project can be considered a success. The business analyst is involved in the design, implementation and roll out of marketing technology to ensure a smooth innovation track.


Project Management

billy-s-private-parking-1170364To increase the success of a project it is key to have proper project management in place. Project Management allows control over the project and includes organising, preparing, executing and concluding all phases through agreements. A project management methodology such as Prince2 or Agile/ Scum will help to gain control over the scope, budget, timelines and deliverables. It is important to acknowledge the key role of the professional project manager since it will lower the risk and increase results of marketing improvement projects, within time and budget.


Change Management

tate-modern-1474881Change management is guiding organizations towards a new way working. The transition from the old to the new is not always easy and benefits are not always immediately clear. By implementing a change management process, the adoption process can be achieved faster and better.  The tools available in the transition can be communication, workshops, involvement of users during a project, etc. Key is to gain insight into the need, impact and advantage of the change for all stakeholders involved.



gold-leaf-1393030Marketing optimisation is process and not a single project. It is key that after the project the new way of working is guided and that the processes are monitored. New initiatives for further improvements need to be explored. Business Support can provide services to assess the adoption of the business, monitor the performance of the resources, set up a system for management of change requests, provide training of users, create training material including video, WIKI and manuals.


Quality Assurance

solid-base-1213271This service provides you with an independent and objective oversight within the project based on years of experience and specialist skills. It covers the assessments of risks, guarding the business case, compliance to the business needs, correct application of company standards, safe guarding the scope, evaluating the quality of deliverables, assessment of the project plan and evaluating the staffing of the project. It reduces the risk of project failure and increases the success of the project and its deliverables.