Marketing is more than brilliant creative idea

It requires excellent operations for a brilliant execution

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Marketing is not a luxury

It is a long term investment in your brand proposition

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EMM Consultancy makes marketing more efficient

improving your way of working through people, process, technology and data

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Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) is all about supporting, managing and connecting all processes, employees and technology within marketing.

Marketing is much more than advertisements created by a single department. Everyone within an organisation is a representative of the brand. Key drivers for EMM are capturing knowledge, handling market complexity and increase the speed to market. Ensuring that all marketing activities are in-line with the company strategy is essential for success.

EMM Consultancy supports organisations with improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Innovative marketing technologies allow organisations to be more efficient in marketing operations and positively impact the effectiveness of marketing activities. EMM Consultancy helps organisations with the implementation of marketing technology, process optimisation, marketing strategy and objective definitions, marketing process alignment, marketing performance measurement, and much more.

With experience within Marketing Operations and as a partner for customers we have developed a clear vision into the key drivers for successful marketing efficiency and effectiveness projects; balance the focus between people and automation, make the project a learning process and create measurable success. Marketing optimisation is not a single exercise; it is a process to continuously improve the Marketing Operation.

EMM Consultancy provides specialist services for customers to help them improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. EMM Consultancy partners with a large number of specialists to provide the best possible skillset for the customer project. EMM’s core philosophy is: maximise collaboration, efficiency and transparency by connecting people and technology from various marketing disciplines.