Let's change the way we work because we want to

Creative Operations is facing a challenging time. A diverse eco system of capability, technology, process and skills, the complexity of products, brands, media, channels and consumers and then on top a need to constantly adapt to the changing trends and outside influences. Proper execution today does not only require artists and scientists, we need magicians to manage Creative Operations.

 To face the challenges a transformation is needed to do things well, successfully and without waste. This is what Creative Operational Efficiency is all about. “I like to change” said nobody ever. I know, we have done it this way for years and most of the time we made it happen. It was by determination, overtime and high cost, but we made it. But we all know that something needs to change, we cannot continue this way because at a certain point we will not make it.

 A theoretical outline of efficiency, benefits and opportunity in a pretty PowerPoint is not sufficient to make that change. Pointing out what we need to change, where it hurts and what benefits it will give the management team is not going to drive the change either. Another plan, another manager and same disappointing result because nothing changed. Talking about waste…

True, if the crisis is big enough, there is a sense of urgency and we can change immediately. But do we really need a global pandemic, a heart-attack or companywide cost cutting to make the required changes? I hope and think not. We can change Creative Operations and make it fun, exciting and innovating because we want to, not because we have to. We can change the way we work, face the challenges and manage Creative Operations by doing things the right way.

Transforming Creative Operation into a valuable part of the organization requires a thorough understanding of the situation, knowing the true benefits for all, a life-changing approach and expertise to make it happen. My online course, ‘Building a Successful Creative Operations Optimization Program’ and enables you to make the needed change. You’ll be provided with all the tools necessary to identify opportunities for improvement within your organization, setup your program and build towards a new optimized way or working.

Let’s change the way we work for the better…together.