We are aware that many of our customers are in a very competitive businesses and require privacy. We respect their privacy and do not display logo’s or company names on this page. We do however want to share some client cases and if needed can provide you with a reference.

Digital Asset Management

For a global health and well-being company, EMM Consultancy supports the design, implementation and roll out of a global DAM solution. Main focus is replacing a burning platform by a scalable and sustainable solution, optimising the user experience by creating an attractive and intuitive interface and provide support on business transformation. The new metadata model and organisation allows for easy uploading, searching and retrieving.

Product Content Management

For a global retailer EMM Consultancy supported the design, implementation and roll out of a global Product Content Management system. Together we created a sustainable technological infrastructure that forms the global backbone to create, store, translate, retrieve and re-use product information & marketing content. The PCM operates as a central hub for all information and distributes automatically towards all global customer touch points.

Marketing Technology Vendor Selection

For an all-round bank EMM Consultancy performed an analysis and supported the marketing software selection process using our standardised methodology. By stating the requirements, analysing the market for potential suppliers and supporting the RFP the selection process is fact based and allows for the best partner to be chosen. The end result is an integrated portal for brand management, asset management, web to publish and ordering of marketing material.

Marketing Accountability

For an international retailer EMM Consultancy designed a streamlined process and created an integrated marketing solution. The end result allows the customer to capture production volumes, assess suppliers, manage operational data, monitor quality, calculate sustainability and report on performance. This allows for the marketing processes to continuously improve on efficiency and effectiveness.

Process Design

For a global system integrator EMM Consultancy analysed the marketing processes and provided a best practice design for the marketing organisation. We delivered a standard way of working supported by technology while constantly considering the impact of change on people in the organisation. The new organisation is able to adopt to market changes and quickly provide the right materials at the right time.

Operating Model

A developer of residential areas was facing a challenging economic climate. A new strategy was chosen to maintain the market position. EMM Consultancy translated this new strategy into a new marketing organisation. We provided a roadmap towards the new operating model and a business case. The new way of working was introduced and allows the marketing department to efficiently and effectively create, produce, distribute and evaluate their campaigns.

Creative Operations Optimization

For an international retailer with physical stores and an online platform EMM Consultancy performed an audit on optimisation and improvement potential. Once the improvement areas where identified the business case was created including a calculation for the ROI and NPV. The implementation program included process optimisation, operation model definition, marketing technology implementation and change management.

Content Strategy and Content Management

For an international furniture manufacturer there was a need to create a focus on the creation and distribution on all internal communications. This included all departments such as HR, Corporate, Education, Governance and IT. EMM Contsultancy supported the creation of the content strategy, the implementation of internal communication tooling, the training of the staff and the migration of the content in the new way of working.

Brand Management

For an international retailer EMM Consultancy supported the creation of Brand Manuals and guidelines. Once completed the Brand Management was implemented into a digital solution to ensure 24/7 access to all the guidelines and branded materials.

Marketing Performance

For an international tyre manufacturer there was a need to monitor the performance of the marketing efforts. EMM consultancy supported the definition and implementation of the marketing performance model by use of KPI's and a Balanced Scorecard. Management received training into the creation of reports and the correct processing and application of data towards the operating models. Through proper change management the business was transformed into an accountable organisation that adds value to the overall company proposition.