EMM Consultancy provides specialist knowledge and skills for your marketing optimization project. And, the modular setup of our services provides you with a custom approach in every situation.

Marketing Audit

Carry out a full inquiry into the organizational processes, the people involved and the systems used. It provides insights into the marketing operations and the improvement potential. A solution will be proposed which can cover automation of processes, streamlining processes, alignment between departments, consolidation of marketing activities and standardizing marketing materials

Marketing Operations Modelling

Bottlenecks and issues can be transformed into a new way of working. Outlining this into new operating models and implementing these into the organisation is one of the core capabilities of the EMM Consultancy services. Once the opportunities are know the streamlined marketing organization can be designed. A (re)design of the marketing organization can be done via various methods such as process designs, workflow definitions, marketing job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, governance, master data management, consolidation of suppliers, formulate Service Level Agreements for internal and external use (suppliers).

Vendor Selection

A large part of marketing optimization is the use of marketing technology. To ensure that the software is in-line with the business needs a marketing software selection will increase the success rate of your marketing automation project. The selection process includes requirements definition, longlist, shortlist, Request For Information (RFI), Request For Demo (RFD), conclusions and recommendations. For the vendor selection of marketing technology, EMM Consultancy ensures that it's up to speed with the latest trends and developments. We hold a predefined list of all potential features and functionalities and how these map towards the available solutions in the market. EMM Consultancy partners with a large variety of software suppliers however we always remains independent towards the vendors and ensure the best solution is selected for the customer.

Business Analysis

Important for every marketing optimization project is understanding how marketing and creative operations add value to the organisation. This means understanding all components of the organisation and then establishing a bond between business and its stakeholders. The business analyst is the link between marketing and the rest of the organisation. It helps defining, acknowledging and translating business needs toward usable IT solutions, towards other departments and helps in establishing alignment with Sales and Finance. The business analyst will be involved in the design, implementation and roll out to ensure a smooth improvement track and increase project results. 

Project Management

Project Management is not a side job for an internal resource. It is also not something that can only be done by IT resources. To increase the success of a project it is key to have proper project management in place with the proper training, knowledge and experience. Project Management allows control over the project and includes organizing, preparing, executing and concluding all phases of the project. A project management methodology such as Prince2, Waterfall, Agile, Scum, Kanban or a hybrid. It will help to gain control over the scope, budget, timelines and deliverables. EMM Consultancy is trained in the various methods and holds a vast record of experiences within a variety of projects. Together we can find the method that works best for your organisation and execute towards a successful project.

Change Management

Change management is guiding organizations towards a new way working. Depending on the change and on the people involved an approach can be defined. The tools available in the transition can be communication, workshops, involvement of users during a project, etc. Key is to gain insight into the need, impact and advantage of the change for all stakeholders involved. And then manage the transition because change management is more than telling people what will change and how this will benefit them, its about engagement and outlining the success factors in every stage of your project.

Continuous improvements

Marketing optimization is process and not a single project. It is key that after the project the new way of working is monitored and that initiatives for further improvements are explored. Support services can provide services to assess the adoption of the business, the performance software, management of change requests, training of users and provide help desk support. Business analysis, audits, KPI Monitoring and Balanced Scorecards will enable you to monitor the progress of your operations and also ensure new opportunities can be identified and your continuous improvements program is established.

Quality Assurance

This service provides you with an independent and objective oversight towards the marketing optimisation project based on years of experience and specialist skills. It covers the assessments of risks, guarding the business case, compliance to the business needs, correct application of company standards, scope, quality of deliverables, project plan and staffing of the project.

Data Management

Organising your data is essential for creating and solid application and governance model for your content. Data can be product data, corporate content or assets. Any data in the organisation needs to be organised, structured in a logical way, documented towards sources and owners and then a governance needs to be set-up. EMM Consultancy has plenty of knowledge and experience in the data management and can support with the modelling, governance and management of your data.

Content Strategy

A content strategy helps determine the way in which organisational goals can be achieved through communication. However, a plan can only be successful if it is properly executed.The value of content is higher when it better contributes to the realisation of the goals and the reaching of the target audience. Content strategy is a practical method to determine the value of the content and to prove the added value of your project. We can support you in determining your content strategy and align the technology towards your strategy for optimal execution of your message towards your target audience.

Creative Operations Optimization

Creative Operations sits at the intersection of art and science. Turning creative ideas into true works of art requires a scientific approach. It requires the management of people, processes, technology, and data in the most efficient way. EMM Consultancy will help you to find the opportunities within your organisation to improve working processes and to ensure excellent execution of creative concepts.

Workshop and Education

If you are preparing your organisation for change in marketing operations, creative operations or marketing technology and feel the need to know more than we are happy to help you out. We provide workshops on analysing your business, marketing technology training, change management, project management and master data management. It can also be individual education to enhance the knowledge on a specific topic. And a more customised session to suit the needs of you or your organisation is part of the program.